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Judi McCarthy

September 2, 1941 - November 8, 2021

This page is dedicated to my beloved mom. To me she was known as "mom" but to so many others who loved her, she was grandma, great-grandma, sis, Aunt Judi or just simply, Judi; or as my dad would often say, "Judi, Judi, Judi".

If you have any photos or stories of my mom that you would like to share on this page, my email address is TracyLynn1217@gmail.com.

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O Holy Night

Sung by Judi McCarthy and Heather Foerster

I'd like to start the posts off with a little background information about my latest scent, "Forget Me Not". It was created for my mom during her time in one of the rehabilitation facilities she


Forever in Our Hearts

was at before she passed away. I made this blend as a lotion and would use it to massage her back, arms, hands, legs and feet. She said she felt like she was at a spa. It was our "spa day" together every time I visited. Nurses would tell me how they loved coming into my mom's room because it always smelled really good. They would ask me what I was using and all I could tell them was that "it is a lotion I made for my mom". I had no name for it; it was just mom's lotion.


After racking my brain for days and receiving numerous suggestions, I decided to look up the meaning of my mom's name. Still nothing was jumping out at me. Then I learned that her birthstone is the blue sapphire so I knew the label would have to be blue. I also learned that one of the flowers for the month of September (mom's birth month) is the Forget-Me-Not. It has beautiful blue flowers which was perfect since I had already decided on the label being blue. Folklore has it that the Forget-Me-Not flower symbolizes remembrance (and true love); that to give someone a bouquet of Forget-Me-Not flowers was a promise that they will never be forgotten. These flowers say to take time to remember all the things you love – past or present. Create more memories and pass on old tales of loved ones gone to keep their legacy and memory alive.


So, mom, while my Forget Me Not may not be a bouquet of Forget-Me-Nots, its meaning will hold true for me none-the-less.

Love Always and Forever, Tracy

One of the things that Mom and I love to do is to take a trip. Whether it's just to show low Flagstaff or Europe didn't matter. Two trips mom and I talked about most frequently was the trip to Holland to visit Debbie and Juron... Don't know if it's spelled right. The building to the right of her front door had a straw roof, and I noticed wooden shoes by the side of the door which I immediately thought, if it rained, there they go downstream. LOL It was a wonderful trip. They took us down to a small village, talk and showed us around town. But the most visible and beautiful things we saw all over Europe was the architecture. The cathedrals were absolutely beautiful. 


Then there was Paris, we were standing in line to get into one of the cathedrals when mom had to go to the bathroom. She was back out in about 2 minutes, and I can see on her face there was something wrong so I asked, what's going on? She said there's a guy in there forgetting that the bathrooms are all coed. She was getting annoyed at me because I was laughing so damn hard.

Forever My Love, Your Jim

I first met Judi in 2014 when she and Jim were introduced for the first time to this guy who was dating their daughter. Judi had a great sense of humor and a keen knowledge of every current event, which led to us having some interesting conversations then and going forward. It was obvious she cared for and was rightfully proud of her family, the accomplishments they had achieved, and was well loved by those who knew her. I am proud to have known Judi, if only for a few years, and know that the world is a lesser place without her.

Love, Jim

“Every life is noted and is cherished, and nothing loved is ever lost or perished” – Madeleine L’engle


Our family has so many beautiful memories of Beloved Judi McCarthy, a beloved part of our family. Judi loved to share stories about growing up, family, travels, different houses they lived in, real estate adventures, recipes, the Holidays, and we cherished these wonderful memories~

A special memory for our family was Judi’s sharing of the Lawrence Welk show. Wow, to think that our Judi almost had the opportunity to become a Singer on the American televised musical variety show each Saturday evening! Judi was incredibly talented and given a Voice from God to sing! We fondly remember Judi singing and her creative energy at the Holidays with such joy~

Delicious food is a Holiday gift. Judi loved fruit cake! We must be honest most families will pass on the fruit cake but not Judi. The table is a celebrating place, a gathering, and such a welcome of food. Judi was known for many of her delicious Holiday bakes with sweet potatoes, making classic white pumpkin pies with Heather, sugar cookies, homemade chicken bake, homemade lasagna...What memories~


“The Good Life” of traveling! We spent many summers with Judi, Jim and family traveling to Sunny CA, Catalina Island, Cruise life to Mexico enjoying the food on board, shopping, exploring, making friends, and what a life for the week! We must say it was hard to keep up with Judi and Jim! It is so true that every destination has a story to tell and we discovered an adventure waiting at every stop. What special memories~


Judi was a special sister to our mom with both enjoying each other’s company, giggles, recipes, family stories, and flying with Mom to Orange County. Mom was so grateful that she had a “flying partner” to help her, a steadfast prayer warrior, and just to be there for Mom. We will always be grateful for these precious times, and we certainly miss them. Gratitude is the heart’s memory~


Books, Books, Books! Judi loved reading! Judi was a voracious reader! We loved Debbie Macomber and sure enough so did Judi. We were amazed that Judi could share the best details each step of the way of friendships and the lasting positive impact that they could have in our own lives. She enjoyed the Christmas Series just like we did. Just like the stories, Judi conveyed a sense of familiarity, warmth, creating something real, and love for the reader.


We pray that you can read the love and gratitude in our hearts that we have for Judi.

Our Blessings, Love, and Peace, Curt, Celia, and Sarah Butler